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Our brother Hoss was involved in a fatal crash on his 2007 customized Harley Davidson Road King (Old Dirty) on July 27th 2014 in Wyoming just six miles south of Jackson. We were on our way to Yellowstone and then to the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It was a perfect day for a ride through some of the most beautiful country I had seen. I rode along side of my brother Hoss, axle to axle through the mountains just moments prior to the crash. I remember looking over at him and he was standing on his floorboards while gripping his abnormally tall ape hangers. I could see that he was soaking up all the beauty we were riding through. The mountains, huge rocks, millions of trees and the Hoback River on the right side of the road.


Two of the things Hoss loved most in life was being with his club brothers and riding his Harley. Hoss died doing the two things he loved most.


Hoss was fun to be around and his stories were so long you would just about have to clear your calendar to listen to the whole thing. Although he was long winded, listeners would be captivated by his expressions, vivid descriptions and unique vocabulary. Hoss had an arsenal of stories and if you knew Hoss for five minutes, you would probably have your own story to tell.


We are all going to miss Hoss for the rest of our days. But I know the stories we have of him, and there are many, he will keep us laughing and entertained for many years.


Rest In Peace My Brother

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