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The Hallowed Few Motorcycle Club wears royal blue and white, the colors commonly associated with law enforcement motorcycle clubs. The word "Hallowed" means sacred or revered; the "Few" is because we are small in number due to our high expectations and rigorous membership standards. The "MC" on the bottom of our patch stands for "Motorcycle Club," as we are a traditional motorcycle club.


Our back patch is in the shape of a shield that represents our profession as law enforcement officers, first responders, military men, and protectors of society. The two skulls signify our lifetime commitment to our club and to each other. The two skulls are back to back because we not only protect the public, but we protect one another as well. The blue four-leaf clovers reference the Irish American history of law enforcement in the United States and serve to bring us luck and protection on the road.

We wear a two-piece patch because that is what we choose to do. We reject the idea that a two or three-piece patch symbolizes a 1%er club, and we support any law-abiding motorcycle club's decision to wear whatever patch they choose.


We are proud of our colors and the brotherhood they represent. We have worked hard to earn them and we work hard to keep them. We will protect our colors and each other against all enemies.

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