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Membership in the Hallowed Few Motorcycle Club is potentially open to all active or retired law enforcement officers, active or retired first responders, and active duty or honorably discharged military. However, belonging to those professions definitely does not guarantee membership in our club. We look for members of the strongest moral fiber who exemplify the warrior mentality. We understand that your employer put you through a thorough background check before you were hired, but our standards are much higher. Hallowed Few Motorcycle Club members are held to the highest of professional and personal standards, without exception.


Our membership process is long and difficult. We are a traditional motorcycle club and you must earn your place in our brotherhood. We are not a weekend rider group or an "owners group." You cannot buy your way into our brotherhood, and we expect your lifelong commitment. If you live the biker lifestyle, can ride long distances, and understand the true meaning of brotherhood, the Hallowed Few MC may be the place for you.


If you think you have what it takes to be one of the Hallowed Few, contact us for more info via the contact section below.

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